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Conjoined Opposites installation view at Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC. The project includes Points Words Threads I & II. This project was possible with Gilmore Emerging Artist Grant, Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo         

My transcultural experience of living in three different countries, my mixed parentage, my mixed marriage and being part of the lives of my mixed-children. Navigating life through three regions of the globe has helped me to observe the perverse effects of social hierarchy, its product – the marginalized and the displaced. My work is about our inhumanity but also about our power to resist and affirm our humanity.

Left: Points Words Threads I; 2008; 3D installation and audio; Hand-dyed yarn, fishing line, hot glue, colored Styrofoam ball and toothpicks; dimensions variable. Right: a detail view of the hanging structures

Points Words Threads includes two separate installations. It speaks of the victims of genocide globally, but makes special reference to the ethnic cleansing of the people of Darfur. 

Detail views of Points Words Threads

Separated-By-A-Skin, a public interactive project, Black Diaspora Visual Art Exhibition, Barbados General Post Office

On the concept 

Race is a Social construct

Underneath the skin we are all red

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