Installation, Print media, Intermedia, Film

​2017 Exhibitions

India Inked!Arizona State University, Grounds for Change, LDB galleryGenderedLoving Blackness ; U.S. Premiere Devadasi_NOW Wilmington F Film, Chick Flick Festival; Ornate Activate; Beyond Printmaking 5 ; India Inked ; 2016 ‘The Community as Studio’ symposium, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU

 Unmoving Darkness, short story, January issue of Saathee Magazine, a monthly publication serving the South Asian Community of the Carolinas, Virginia & Georgia.  Page 78, 86

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Official selection 8th annual Chicago South Asian Film Festival 8th annual Joedance Film Festival; Wilmington Chick Flicks Film Festival, Female Filmmakers Festival, Move_Me Productions Belgium 

The film looks behind the traditions of religious servitude in Karnataka, India. 

Duration: 19:15 min; HD 1080p, language: English, Kannada with english subtitle. 
Producer, director, script, voice-over: Indrani Nayar-Gall; Cinematographer: Tuhin, Editor: Bijoy Ruj