(U.S. premiere, Feb 4, WilmFfilm Chick Flicks Festival)

Producer Director Writer: Indrani Nayar-Gall     DOP: Tuhin Saha       Editor: Bijoy Ruj

Film Type: Experimental Documentary, Festival format (abridged version) Runtime: 19:15, Full film  Runtime: 43:35,   Completion Date: December 2016    

Country of Origin: United States  Country of Filming: India​

Film Language: English, Hindi, Kannada Shooting Format: HD Digital Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Film Color: Black & White and Color

Genre: Experimental documentary, Human Rights, Religious servitude Women’s issue, Religious indoctrination, Abuse, Exploitation, Caste-Class

Devadasi_NOW is an experimental documentary on the challenges of eradicating Devadasi tradition, an illegal practice that throws young girls within poverty stricken Dalit (untouchable) communities of northern Karnataka, India, into prostitution in the name of religion. 

Director’s statement

The connection between religion and the sexual abuse of children is not unheard of, but much remains obscure. Devadasi_NOW is one such well-hidden story of abuse of young girls and women that uses religion, class-caste, and poverty as weapons of discrimination, to throw little girls of poor untouchable communities in remote villages of Karnataka, India, into prostitution. Weapons such as these are not specific to any country, community or religion; they have been used in the past and are still being used unnoticed in many communities.

 It is my hope that this project will create opportunity for individuals within USA, India and other countries to learn about this issue and be part of a positive change by assisting these women to empower themselves.

Still frames and photographs from the documentary and

The Devadasi_NOW Project



​​​​​​Project_De-Code is the community component of Devadasi_NOW. The project engages participants to reflect on the validity of old religious codes, tradition and customs that are still steeped in deep patriarchal values. Through hands-on creative activities participants are invited to erase these old-codes ​​that discriminate against and are inhumane to women. 

I will be continuing this project in schools, universities and communities.


Installation, Print media, Intermedia, Film

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Devadasi_NOW Project

​​Girls deserve a life of freedom -- not a life sentence 

​While inquiring about women’s right issues in India, I stumbled on the true nature of Devadasi tradition. The facts shattered all my romantic notions of devadasis. The deeper I went the uglier became the facts of this illegal practice. After much effort I was able to connect with a few NGOs and go to India in early 2016 to do a survey documentary on the present status of this practice. I was shocked by the facts but at the same time was struck by the courage of these devadasi mothers and daughters to resist this system. However, a shoestring budget only allowed me to scratch the surface of what the world needs to know.

There are still hundreds of stories from the interiors of Karnataka waiting to be told. Help me to bring these stories to light, so you can lend a hand to these women and young girls to get an education and fulfill their dreams. 

​​Your generous contribution will assist making a new documentary, sequel to Devadasi_NOW, to bring stories of human rights violations from remote villages of Karnataka and a part of funding will go toward implementation of skill-training and educational programs for devadasis and their daughters. 

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